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Keeping Busy as the Bees 

We are always expanding and learning better ways to keep our bee populations the healthiest they can beeeee.   Be sure to check out our honeybee observation case on our front counter, Visitors can see and learn about honeybees up close and personal! (Click on 'Just BEE-ING' for a peek).  

Organic, gourmet Non-GMO Russian garlic is available, and we have delicious Grade A Robust Dark and Rich Amber 100% maple syrup still available from Spring 2018.

April-May 2019 we will offer 5 frame nuc hives and queen bees for sale on a first come first serve basis, $150 nucs, $30 Carniolan Queens.

 Deb is always working on a new children's book or two! Here is a link to see her books on Amazon: (Debbie's Children's Books) and we are proud being a part of a wonderful non-profit which assists families of children with life threatening illnesses through art:  (  More of Debbie's art can be seen: (

And, you may contact us for local extraction of honey bee swarms from your outdoor property.  Thank you!

Our Recent Work

Our Girls Working Hard

This was August/September 2017 time during the Aster flow.   Turn up your volume to hear the buzz.  Note:  An average hive starts out around 10,000 bees and can climb to 50,000 or more at peak of season, with the Queen laying 1,000+ eggs a day!

Feeding Our Honeybees


  VIDEOS CURRENTLY UPDATING....But please find us on FB and Instagram.