Beside our honey and natural products, when you visit DebBees Honey Hive, be sure to check out our wonderful selection of Hershey's ice cream novelties! (Our freezer is stocked all year long).

Along with our honey, maple syrup, seasonal produce & homemade jams--Remember to check our freezer stocked with Hershey's products! Our regular season runs generally (May-Nov.).  We usually start picking blueberries in July, and are stocked with honey and honey products all year.  Our selection of Hershey's Ice Cream novelties include:  Scrounds (Hershey's half-gallon), pints, stick bars, Snickers, Twix, Moosetracks Cones, and Giant Ice Cream Sandwiches......just to name a few, are sure to bring a smile!  

Hand dipped waxed pine pines, scented with fragrant paraffin wax. Pretty displayed as they are, or can add fragrance to your cozy fire nights. Specify basket or tin.
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